Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the Project Browze

Here are the terms and conditions as set forth on April 15th, 2015 and updated on August 17th, 2016. We have mentioned the dates, this way we shall not lose the sight of how long it has been for us.

First of all we thank you for spending time and bandwidth to experience our platform called ‘browze’ and what all it has to offer. May browze serve thee well.

By using browze in any form i.e. website, or application downloaded from the play store or iTunes, thou shalt agree to the following terms and conditions.

You agree not to post vulgar, profane and otherwise objectionable content using ‘browze’. Any and all posts related to drugs, prostitution, pornography and other illegal acitivites would be abruptly removed without prior notice to the user, and can also lead to suspension of account.

We expect users to have fun while using the application and various features that it has to offer, and make our endeavors a huge success.